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November Agenda: 20/11/2020


18. Apologies for Absence

19. Members’ Interests

20. Update from the Chair

21. Minutes
To approve the open session minutes of the meeting held on 2 October 2020.

22. Matters Arising Report
To note the update report on actions agreed from previous meetings.


23. Role of Senior Independent Board Member
To approve the role outline and the process for designating a member of the Board as a Senior Independent Board Member.

24. Extension of Temporary Board Member
To approve the extension of Board Member Stephen Brookhouse until 29 February 2021.

25. Population of the Board’s committees
To agree the membership of the Board’s committees.
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Annex A

26. Consultation on the General Rules (EU Exit Adjustments)
To consider and agree draft rules for consultation which in the event they are needed, align the rules with the ‘No Deal’ legislation that would come into effect once the UK/EU Implementation Period has ended.
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Annex B


27. Management Accounts
To note the current Management Accounts.
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28. Professional Conduct Review
To note the report from the reviewer of ARB’s professional conduct functions, and the plan for implementing its recommendations.
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Annex C

29. Chief Executive’s Report
To note a report from the ARB’s Chief Executive on matters relating to the running of the Board’s business.


30. Public Chair’s Forum – Diversity Mentoring Scheme
To discuss the Diversity Mentoring Scheme provided by the Public Chairs Forum.

31. Any Other Business