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You are a collective voice of over 42,000 UK architects who can speak directly to those who most need to know about the protection of the title, the Architects Register and the unique professional standards of architects.

We know many of you are passionate about protecting the title, but that busy lives can make raising awareness a challenge.  That’s why we’ve put together a few simple ideas to help you let clients know you are regulated and help them spot those who aren’t.

1. Link to your Register entry from your website, email and social media

Providing a direct link to your specific Register entry online gives clients and potential clients an instantly verifiable guarantee of your qualifications, insurance and professional standards. See our simple instructions to set up your link.

2. Use the ARB logo on your practice materials, both on and offline

The ARB logo is a symbol of trust that sets you apart from unregulated competitors.

Download your personalised ARB logo or a standard version here.

3. Share our infographics and social media content

Our ready-made infographics help explain the benefits of using a regulated professional. They can be used in social media posts, on your website or added to information materials.

Access them here, along with quick links to our social media channels plus tips on sharing social media content.


4. Give clients a leaflet on title protection

To help make it quick and easy to explain – and understand – what registration means and how it can benefit clients, we’ve produced a leaflet about title protection, the Register and the work we do.

The leaflet can be used as it is or personalised with your own content – click here for more.


5. Use our case studies to show title protection in action

We are building a bank of case studies to show real examples of title misuse, the problems it can cause and how to avoid them.

Use our case studies to show title protection in action.

6. Already promoting your registered status? Share your successes

If you have any successes or suggestions for other ways to raise awareness of the Register and the benefits of using a regulated professional, let us know so we can add to our toolkit and extend our support.

Visit the Share your Successes section for more.