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The Board appoints Independent Examiners who are registered architects with experience of examining within United Kingdom Schools of Architecture.

At least one Independent Examiner will be present for each session of examinations. Independent Examiners sample comparative matrix and supporting material and observe a selection of interviews. The extent of the samples will be at their discretion, but it will be extensive enough to allow the Independent Examiner to have sufficient confidence to comment on and confirm whether or not all candidates passing the examination have met all the criteria.

Independent Examiners do not intervene in the examination of individual candidates by the examiners.  However, they may report to the Registrar any concerns arising from the examination, and provide advice.

Independent Examiners report to the Registrar and to the Board’s Prescription Committee on the following matters:

  • the consistency of examiners’ judgments
  • the conduct of examiners and the fairness of the examination process
  • the quality of the feedback offered to candidates
  • the performance of candidates