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Link to your Register entry from your website, email and social media

Linking to your Register entry is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Follow our simple instructions below to provide your clients and potential clients with an instantly verifiable guarantee of your qualifications, insurance and professional standards.


Step 1 – Have your registration number to hand

If you don’t know your number already, it can be found on many of the communications we send you.  Alternatively you can find yourself on the Architects Register, log into MyARB or Contact Us to find out your registration number.

Step 2 – Generate your unique link

Enter your registration number in to the box below and click the ‘generate my unique URL’ button to display the link to your unique register page.

This link will always remain the same, even if you come off the register and reregister at a later date. It is unique to you and you can use it where and whenever you like as proof of your professional status.

Enter your Registration Number below:

Step 3 – Embed your link

You can now use your link to direct people to your Register entry.  The simplest way is by featuring it as a full link in offline materials (like leaflets or posters) or as a hyperlink in online materials (like email signatures and websites).

                  I am registered and regulated by ARB:
                  The title ‘architect’ is protected – you can verify my registered status here.

You can also embed the link within images or html code to create links from other elements of your online content.

Remember to keep your Register profile updated – clients use this information to contact you, so ensure your details are correct and set to ‘public’. You can check and update your MyARB.

For practices
If you are part of a practice with multiple architects you may be able to set up a link to the Register which displays all architects registered under your practice on a single page.

We’re working to improve this function but for now we recommend:

  • Doing a ‘dual search’ on the Register, entering the first line of the practice address and its postcode into the search fields to narrow search results to your practice only
  • Copy the full search URL that appears in the URL bar of your browser window and use it in the same way an individual architect would to link to their specific entry.

The resulting URL will look something like the below, so is best suited for online use as a hyperlink, rather than as full text on printed materials:



WARNING: Section 21 of the Architects Act 1997 makes it a criminal offence for anyone to carry out business or practice using the title architect when not on the Architects Register. Any practice using the title architect must have a registered architect in control and management of the architectural work.