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Who can use the title architect

The title ‘architect’ is protected by law in the UK.

It can only be used by someone who is on the Architects Register. Only ‘architect’ is protected in this way, the protection doesn’t apply to terms like ‘architectural consultant’ or ‘architectural assistant’.

It is important to know that anyone, architect or not, can legally provide architectural services in the UK. As the regulator of UK architects, our role is to protect the public and ensure you can make an informed choice about who to hire for your building project.

We maintain the Architects Register, the official list of the UK’s 42,000+ architects. If someone is not on the Register, they are not an architect – it’s as simple as that. You can be confident architects are highly qualified, hold appropriate insurance and adhere to the professional standards we set out in our Architects Code.

Architects Register

The Register is available online, with a quick search you can check whether someone is a genuine architect.

It’s a good idea to check the Register before you hire someone, even if they were recommended to you. That way you can make an informed choice about who you use for your project.

We can take action if someone is calling themselves an architect when they shouldn’t be. Anyone can raise a concern with us if they think someone is misusing the title. We can investigate and take action if there’s an issue. Serious concerns about architects are rare but we can also take action if you have concerns about the skills or behaviour of an architect on the Register.