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July Agenda – 19/07/2023


1. Apologies for Absence
There had been no apologies received.

2. Members’ Interests
To note the Register of Member’s interests and to hear any declarations of potential conflicts of interest for the items below.


3. Update from the Chair
To hear a verbal update from the Chair.

4. Minutes
To approve the open session minutes of the meeting held on 17 May 2023.

5. Matters Arising Report
To note the update report on actions agreed at previous meetings.


6. Performance Monitoring Updates for Q2
To receive an update on the performance monitoring for Q2

7. Financial Update
To note the Management Accounts for 2023 and update on the year ending 2023

8. Mid-Year Business Plan Update
To note an update on the 2023 Business Plan

9. UK Adaptation Assessment Pilot Update
To note an update on the pilot of the UK Adaptation Assessment

10. Chief Executive’s Report
To note a report from the ARB’s Chief Executive on matters relating to the running of the Board’s business

11. Any Other Business
To raise any other business (members are asked to notify the Chief Executive and Registrar by 5pm on 14 July 2023 of any points they wish to raise)

12. Dates of Future Board Meetings:

25 July 2023 – Prescription Matters Meeting – Online
30 August 2023 – Prescription Matters Meeting – Online
5 & 6 September 2023 – Board Workshop and Board Meeting – In Person
18 October 2023 – Board Meeting – Online
31 October 2023 – Prescription Matters Meeting – Online
22 November 2023 – Board Workshop – In Person
6 December 2023 – Board Meeting – In Person
12 December 2023 – Prescription Matters Meeting – Online