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November Agenda: 19/11/2015



1. Apologies for Absence
None received.

2. Members’ Interests
To note the Register of Member’s Interests and to hear any declarations of potential conflicts of interest for the items below.


3. Minutes
i To approve the minutes of the meeting of 17 September 2015.
ii to approve the minute of the Board Resolution – Resilience Project.

4. Matters Arising
To note the update report on actions agreed from previous meetings.

5. Chairman’s Report
To hear a report on matters relating to the conduct of the Board’s business.

6. ARB’s Operational Activities
To note a report from the ARB Team on matters relating to the running of the Board’s business.

7. Management Accounts 2015
To note the October management accounts and year end forecast.
Cover Paper
Annex A

8. Periodic Review update
To hear an update on the Periodic Review.


9. Attendance Allowance & Travel and Subsistence
To agree the daily attendance allowances and travel and subsistence rates for 2016.
Cover Paper
Annex A
Annex B
Annex C

10. Board Effectiveness Review
To note progress of the 2014 recommendations and agree the process and timeline for the 2015 review.
Cover Paper
Annex A
Annex B

11. ARB’s Consultation Policy
To approve the revised policy.
Cover Paper
Annex A

12. IOC Terms of Reference
To agree to an amendment to the IOC’s Terms of Reference.
Cover Paper
Annex A


13. Progress Check on Equality and Diversity
To note the progress made under ARB’s Equality Scheme.
Cover Paper
Annex A

14. Minutes
To note the draft minutes of:
i The Investigations Oversight Committee meeting of 7 October 2015; and
ii The Remuneration Committee conference call 27 October 2015.

15. Any other business
To raise any other business (members are asked to notify the Registrar by 10.00am on 16 November of any points they wish to raise).

Dates of meetings 2016
• 11 February
• 21 April – Board Induction Day
• 12 May – Board Development /Planning
• 13 May
• 14 July
• 15 September
• 24 November

*August – Budget Briefing to be arranged.