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A highly qualified professional

In the UK it takes around seven years to gain the education and practical experience needed to qualify as an architect. Architects have a wide range of knowledge and skills that mean they can support a project in different ways depending on your requirements.

An architect can:

  • Prepare feasibility studies and identify possible constraints
  • Produce conceptual and technical designs
  • Guide you through the planning and building regulations processes
  • Assist with finding and selecting other contractors
  • Manage the contract you have with builders and construction professionals
  • Certify work that has been completed

A regulated profession

As the independent statutory regulator of UK architects, we protect the public by ensuring that architects are competent and act professionally.

We set the UK educational standards for architects and ensure only appropriate individuals are listed in the official Architects Register. The title ‘architect’ is protected by law in the UK and only those on the Register can call themselves an architect.

You can quickly and easily search the Register online for free to check whether someone is a genuine architect. If they’re not on the Register, they’re not a UK architect – it’s as simple as that. If you think someone is misusing the title architect, we can take action.

Professional standards

We can provide advice and investigate concerns about a UK architect.

We issue and enforce the Architects Code. It sets out the professional standards expected of all UK architects in both their competence and conduct.

The Code requires architects to act with integrity, honesty and respect. Architects are expected to be adequately insured, declare any conflicts of interest and have an appropriate written agreement in place that includes their fees or how they will be calculated.

Architects are also expected to complete their work within agreed time limits and keep their clients informed of progress and any changes.

Serious concerns about architects are rare, but if they arise we can investigate and ensure appropriate action is taken.