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Purpose & Objectives

The Board has developed a Purpose & Objectives document that informs its approach to ARB’s work and sets the strategy for ARB.  It identifies ARB’s primary purpose as delivering the 1997 Architects Act, and from that Act, two key objectives have been formulated to underpin all of ARB’s work.  These are:

  • Protect the users and potential users of architects’ services
  • Support architects through regulation

In addition, the Board has developed six core values for ARB, which are:

  • Proportionality: ARB’s actions are proportionate and demonstrate the efficient and effective use of its resources, taking into account the issues and risks involved
  • Objectivity: ARB is objective in taking decisions, and its actions are based on evidence
  • Openness: ARB welcomes, encourages and considers the opinions of others
  • Transparency: Wherever possible, ARB is transparent in its actions and makes information accessible to others and takes decisions in public
  • Integrity: ARB is professional and honest, and treats everyone with respect
  • Consistency:  ARB’s rules, guidance and procedures will be harmonised and implemented fairly

Strategic Objectives

In addition to establishing ARB’s Purpose & Objectives, the Board has identified four strategic objectives for delivery in the years 2019 to 2021.  These objectives are outlined here, and will be taken forward through the Business Plans for each year.  In determining the work for each year, ARB will take into account the priorities for each year, the appropriate timescales and any external drivers which may impact on timescales, which are outside ARB’s control.  ARB has identified that there is a consistent first priority for the organisation which is to deliver ARB’s statutory responsibilities.

The Board has also adopted the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman’s Principles of Good Administration, which further supports and underpins the purpose and objectives of the Board, as well as ARB’s own core values.  The principles will provide us with a standard and will promote sound administration throughout ARB.