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2024 Exam Dates

Dates for 2024 prescribed examinations can be found below. 

In response to demand, we have added an additional four exam slots per month. 

In February 2024 the Board approved an updated plagiarism policy and we are currently updating our procedures and forms to reflect this. Consequently, we cannot accept applications until early June when the updated forms will be published. 

We will accommodate you as soon as possible but any application received before June will be added to a waitlist with a request to provide the updated form at a later date. 

We can only allocate an exam date once your initial application and payment have been received and reviewed. 

We will not be able to expedite applications, and every appointment is offered on a first come, first served basis. There are no exceptions to this rule. 

If you have a deadline to meet, please contact us prior to applying with your exam result to check the availability of appointments going forward. 


Exam Dates for 2024


Mon 19 Feb

Tue 20 Feb

Wed 21 Feb

Thu 22 Feb

Fri 23 Feb



Mon 18 March

Tue 19 March

Wed 20 March

Thu 21 March

Fri 22 March


Mon 22 April

Tue 23 April

Wed 24 April

Thu 25 April

Fri 26 April


Mon 20 May

Tue 21 May

Wed 22 May

Thu 23 May


Mon 22 July

Tue 23 July

Wed 24 July

Thu 25 July

Fri 26 July


Mon 19 Aug

Tue 20 Aug

Wed 21 Aug

Thu 22 Aug

Fri 23 Aug


Mon 23 Sept

Tue 24 Sept

Wed 25 Sept

Thu 26 Sept

Fri 27 Sept


Mon 21 Oct

Tue 22 Oct

Wed 23 Oct

Thu 24 Oct

Fri 25 Oct


Mon 18 Nov

Tue 19 Nov

Wed 20 Nov

Thu 21 Nov

Fri 22 Nov