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Demand for the prescribed exam has been high in recent times and we are receiving a steady flow of applications.

The dates announced below are likely to fill quickly, but further dates will be scheduled for August to November.  The exact dates will be confirmed in due course.

Please submit your exam application to  exams@arb.org.uk and we will accommodate you as soon as possible in 2022.  We cannot allocate an exam date until your initial application has been reviewed.

We will not be able to expedite particular applications, and every appointment is offered on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

If you have a deadline to meet with your exam result, then please contact us prior to applying, to check the availability of appointments going forward.

Weds 23 Feb
Thurs 24 Feb

Weds 09 Mar
Thurs 10 Mar

Weds 23 Mar
Thurs 24 Mar

Weds 06 Apr
Thurs 07 Apr

Weds 20 Apr
Thurs 21 Apr

Weds 25 May
Thurs 26 May

Weds 08 Jun
Thurs 09 Jun
Weds 22 Jun
Thurs 23 Jun

Weds 06 Jul
Thurs 07 Jul
Weds 20 Jul
Thurs 21 Jul

Weds 24 Aug
Thurs 25 Aug

Weds 07 Sep
Thurs 08 Sep
Weds 21 Sep
Thurs 22 Sep

Weds 05 Oct
Thurs 06 Oct
Weds 19 Oct
Thurs 20 Oct