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ARB is an independent professional regulator, established by Parliament as a statutory body, through the Architects Act, in 1997. We are accountable to government.

The law gives us a number of core functions:

  • To ensure only those who are suitably competent are allowed to practise as architects. We do this by approving the architecture qualifications required to join the Register of architects.
  • We maintain a publicly available Register of architects so anyone using the services of an architect can be confident that they are suitably qualified and are fit to practise.
  • We set the standards of conduct and practice the profession must meet and take action when any architect falls below the required standards of conduct or competence.
  • We protect the legally restricted title ‘architect’.

We want a world in which the built environment inspires those who live and work in it, reflects the needs of society so that people are safe and can live well, and helps to tackle the fundamental challenges our planet faces.

The contribution that regulation can make to this overarching purpose may be small, but we recognise that architects and other professionals in the built environment can achieve their own goals, potential and outcomes only if we are delivering effective regulation.

Corporate Strategy

Our vision and commitment is to:

  • Demonstrate leadership for the sector in responding to key challenges including safety and climate change;
  • Foster a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion in our own organisation and take action to ensure change occurs in architecture;
  • Work with the profession (including employers, educators, students and others) to modernise initial education and training;
  • Build on the professionalism of architects, implementing a new model of continuing professional development which supports and encourages good practice and lifelong learning;
  • Embed a culture of continuous improvement within ARB so that our regulatory services are accessible, designed around the needs of architects and consumers, and are effective.

Read more about our objectives in our Corporate Strategy 2022-2026.


Business Plan

You can also learn more about the work we’re undertaking in 2022 to help deliver that strategy.

Read more in our Business Plan 2024.

Previous versions of the Business Plan

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Annual Report and Financial Statements:

The Annual Report details ARB’s work in maintaining the register, managing complaints about architects, and recognising qualifications so that new architects can join the register. It also details progress against ARB’s ambitious agenda and publishes statistics about the demographics of the profession in the UK.

Previous Annual Reports

Previous annual reports can be found here.