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The CPD an architect will need will depend on their experience, interest and areas of practice, so it isn’t possible to stipulate a specific piece of learning that will apply to everyone. Because of this we do not recommend any particular learning route, but instead below signpost architects to learning resources they may want to consider in order to advance their knowledge in relation to sustainable architecture.   

Knowledge is not a single point of reference, so this page will be updated as new sources of learning and information become available.

The Climate Framework

The Supply Chain Sustainability School

RIBA Academy

Royal Incorporation of Architects In Scotland CPD events

Royal Society of Ulster Architects CPD events

The Environmental Design Pocketbook

Architects Climate Action Network

Architects Declare Practice Guide

Energy and carbon in the built environment

NetZero BAU

If you are a content provider and believe that you are able to offer architects an independent learning resource that will support professional development in sustainable architecture, please contact us at