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Raising awareness of your registered status not only helps protect the title but can also be good for business.

We appreciate the effort it takes to earn the right to use the title ‘architect’ in the UK, and we understand how important protecting the reputation and high standards of the profession is to many of you.

As well as investigating misuse of title, we raise awareness of the title’s protected status and the importance of checking the Architects Register.  We explain the benefits of using a regulated professional to the public and engage with the media to ensure title references are accurate.

Through your interactions with property owners you are ideally placed to help reinforce these messages.

Architects Register

The Architects Register ( is the definitive list of all UK architects and receives around 2 million page views per year from people checking architects’ status and making contact.

Use the ideas and tools within this section to let clients know you are regulated and help them spot those who aren’t by helping us raise awareness of your registered status and the Register.

By highlighting your registered status you immediately distinguish yourself from unregulated competitors and provide an instant guarantee of your credentials. It tells clients and potential clients that you are a fully qualified and trained expert, provides reassurance that you are properly insured and demonstrates that you abide by robust professional standards.