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Accreditation Handbook

This area of the website – known as the Accreditation Handbook – gives information for learning providers (providers) about ARB’s requirements and processes for the accreditation of UK architecture qualifications.  


The Handbook will continue to be developed throughout the transition period.  It may change in response to feedback from stakeholders and ARB’s Education Transition Reference Group, and as we review and evaluate our processes in future.  

Please refer to these pages for the most up-to-date information, and providers will be notified of changes.  If anything is unclear, please contact us at


The Accreditation Handbook encompasses the following sections:


The title ‘architect’ is protected by law. Under the Architects Act 1997 (the Act), only those on the Architects Register are permitted to use the title architect in business or practice in the UK.

The Act places statutory duties on the Architects Registration Board (ARB) to determine the initial education and training necessary to join the Register (the Competency Outcomes1 and practical training requirements); and to ‘prescribe’ (accredit) the qualifications that demonstrate achievement of that learning and practical experience.

ARB’s new accreditation model resulted from the Initial Education and Training Review in 2022/23 and replaces the previous prescription processes. Details of the Review and consultation results can be found on the respective pages of the website.


1 During the ‘transition period’ – from January 2024 until the new Outcomes have been implemented or prescription ceases – references to ‘Outcomes’ in the Standards for Learning Providers (the Standards) and elsewhere also include the outgoing Criteria (General Criteria, Graduate Attributes and Professional Criteria) applicable to Parts 1, 2 and 3 qualifications.

Decision making

ARB’s Accreditation Committee is responsible for making decisions on accreditation matters in accordance with the Accreditation Rules. Further information – including the members’ profiles and terms of reference – can be found on the Accreditation Committee page.

The Committee is supported and advised by, among others, the ARB Executive (staff) and a pool of Visitors (appointed to provide expert advice on matters relating to accreditation).

All communication with and from ARB regarding accreditation will be via the ARB Executive.