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December Agenda – 01/12/2021


1. Apologies for Absence

2. Members’ Interests

3. Update from the Chair
Oral update

4. Minutes
4.1 To approve the open session minutes of the meeting held on 27 October 2021
4.2 To ratify the Board’s decision by write round dated 17 November 2021 in relation to ARB Board Chair’s remuneration

5. Matters Arising


6. Business Plan 2022
To approve the Business Plan for 2022

7. Review of the Senior Independent Board Member’s Role Description and Designation
To agree adjustments to the outline role description for the Senior Independent Board Member and the designation for a further period

8. Prescription Committee Reading Fee
To agree to continue the Reading Fee for Prescription (non-Board members)

9. Board Chair’s Remuneration
To agree to move the Board Chair to an annual honorarium consistent the payment cycle of Board members and to agree the expected time commitment


10. Chief Executive’s Report
To note a report from the ARB’s Chief Executive on matters relating to the running of the Board’s business

11. Management Accounts
To note Management Accounts for 2021

12. Any Other Business

13. Date of Future Meetings
26 January 2022- Board Workshop
9 February 2022- Board Meeting
22 February 2022- Prescription Matters Meeting
23 March 2022- Board Workshop
18 May 2022- Board Meeting
2- Prescription Matters Meeting
14 June 2022- Board Workshop
20 July 2022- Board Meeting
27 July 2022- Prescription Matters Meeting
September 2022- Board Workshop
19 October 2022- Board Meeting
24 October 2022- Prescription Matters Meeting
23 November 2022- Board Workshop
7 December 2022- Board Meeting
15 December 2022- Prescription Matters Meeting