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MyARB – Guides

Guides for logging in and signing up

I am joining the Register for the first time

1. Requirements

You are able to join if you have Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (or equivalent) qualifications. Learn more about our requirements for joining the Register here.

2. Sign up to MyARB and apply for registration

Go to MyARB, select ‘sign up now’, and follow the instructions to set up your log in details. Once signed up and logged in, from the portal, select ‘join the register’ to make an application. Applications are processed within 15 working days from receipt. We will contact you if anything further is required for your application.

3. Confirmation

Once registration is complete, you will receive confirmation by email.

I used to be registered and want to rejoin

1. Request login details

Please request login details for MyARB by emailing info@arb.org.uk outlining your name, previous registration number and intention to rejoin.

Once you have logged in with the information provided, click ‘Rejoin the register’ and complete the application.

2. Processing your application

Applications are processed within five working days from receipt, and we will contact you if anything further is required for your application. Once registration is complete, you will receive confirmation by email.

3. Paying your future retention fees

Once your rejoin application has been approved, you will have the option to add direct debit information to the ‘My Profile’ page on MyARB.  It is important that correct direct debit details are in place by November of each year as these payments will process in early December.

If you prefer not to pay by direct debit, there will be a ‘Pay the retention fee’ button on the Home page of your portal from October to December each year.  Using this, you can make payment by credit or debit card at any point before midnight on 31 December.

I want to resign from the Register

1. Logging in

You can login to MyARB to resign from the Register here, using the login details that were sent to your registered email address from myarb@arb.org.uk. If you do not have this email or cannot find it, please contact info@arb.org.uk to have your login details resent to you. Your registered email address may be either a personal email address or a work email address, and this email may be in your spam folder. Please be aware that if you attempt to login with incorrect details you may lock access to your account.

2. Resigning

Once logged in, click ‘Edit’ on the ‘My Profile’ page to review all of the currently held information for you and to make any necessary updates. Once this page has been saved and submitted, you will be able to access other areas of MyARB.

To resign from the Register, please click ‘Resign from the Register’.

You will be asked to complete a form that requests your reasons for resigning, and the date on which you wish for your resignation to be tendered. This can form can be submitted at any time up to before midnight, 31 December, in any given year. We will email you to confirm your resignation, if this is for immediate action. If your resignation is for a date in the future, we will acknowledge your request first and update you again when the process is complete.

3. Direct debit

If you have a direct debit in place, this will be shown on the ‘My Profile’ page on MyARB. You can add, remove or edit direct debit information here. Please ensure you cancel your direct debit if you have one.

I would like to change my password

password reset 1

Go to the MyARB sign in page, enter the registered email address associated with your profile, and click ‘forgot password’:

password reset 1
password reset 1

This next step will ask you to enter the email again before you click ‘send verification code’:

password reset 2
password reset 1

You will get a verification code emailed to you. It may take a short while, and you may need to check your Spam folder if you can’t see it.

Once you have your verification code, add this to the relevant box, and click verify and then continue.

password reset 3
password reset 1

Add a password you can remember where indicated. You need to do it twice, so it matches.  Select the Continue button.

Your password is then set for future use.  If you forget it again, you can repeat the process.

password reset 4