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The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) is a committee constituted in its own right under Schedule 1, Part II of the Architects Act, to consider allegations of unacceptable professional conduct and serious professional incompetence against architects.

When sitting, it is usual for three members to form the Committee - one architect, one lay member and one legally qualified member. If the PCC makes a finding of unacceptable professional conduct and/or serious professional incompetence, it can impose one of a number of disciplinary sanctions under section 15 of the Architects Act 1997:

It can:

  • issue a reprimand (a warning)
  • impose a penalty order (a fine) of up to £5,000
  • suspend an architect from the Register for up to two years
  • order that an architect’s name be erased from the Register

The PCC can also make a disciplinary order following a criminal conviction for an offence which has material relevance to an architect's fitness to practise, or it can clear the architect of the alleged charge(s) if it finds they are not guilty.

PCC hearings are held in public, and its decisions are published on ARB’s website.  News releases reporting the outcome of a hearing are issued in appropriate cases.

The Professional Conduct Committee Rules set out the terms of reference and procedures to be followed by the PCC. The PCC Rules were most recently updated in April 2022.


  • The 2019 PCC Rules apply in any case where a report was made to the PCC by the IP before 1st April 2022.
  • The 2022 PCC Rules apply in any case where a report was made to the PCC by the IP on or after 1st April 2022.


PCC Members

The PCC’s membership is made up of:

  • at least three architects, one of whom must be a person whose address in the Register is in Scotland
  • at least three persons who are legally qualified
  • at least three lay persons, who are not legally qualified and are not architects


Current members of the PCC are: