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ARB’s Audited Financial Statements

Welcome to ARB’s audited financial statements page.
Follow the link in the relevant year below to download the accounts in PDF format.

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FAQS: Financial Statements 2019

1. What caused the increase in your operational surplus for 2019?
The key factors leading to this increase were a rise in the number of individuals joining the Architects Register in 2019 and an increase in the total number of architects on the Register.

2. What caused the increase in income from sundry receipts in 2019?
This income was generated by a significant rise in the number of requests to issue General and EU certificates (734 in 2019 vs 223 in 2018). These certificates are used to enable individuals to register in other EU states.

3. What caused your printing costs to increase in 2019?
Our printing costs also include external printing. For example, this figure includes the costs of printing the retention fee statutory notice, which is required of us as part of our statutory duties under the Architects Act 1997. As the Register grows the number of notices we need to print grows too.

4. What caused the decrease in legal charges?
Following changes to the Architects Act, there was no Professional Conduct Committee appointed to hear cases between January and May. Cases that were not heard in 2019 will be conducted in 2020, which will lead to higher costs for 2020.

5. Why do Board members’ expenses vary?
Board members’ expenses may vary for a number of reasons. Travel can be one factor. As our Board represents the whole of the UK, costs of travel to London will inevitably be higher for someone members, for example if they are based in Scotland. Another example is that Board members who sit on the Prescription Committee are eligible for a reading allowance, as the role of the Committee is complex and members are required to read a significant amount of material in order to prepare for meetings and undertake reviews of prescription applications.