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If you are not currently practising, for example, if you are on a career break, out of work, or recently retired, you will still need to pay your annual retention fee if you want to remain on the Register.

If you decide that you want to resign from the Register because you have retired or because you are not currently practising, all you need to do is click here – Resign from the Register.

Alternatively, you can write to us with your request, and we will do the rest.  If you could also advise us of your reason for resigning it will help us to build a picture of the different reasons people have for wanting to resign. Please note that we will remove your name from the Register automatically if we do not hear from you, either with your payment of the fee or a formal request to resign.

You can rejoin the Register at any time, although the method and cost will depend upon how long it has been since you were last registered and how you left.