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ARB is the UK competent authority for architects and has responsibility for ensuring that the provisions set out within EU Directive 2005/36/EC on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications are met. The main purpose of this legislation is to facilitate the movement of appropriately qualified individuals within Europe.

This Directive has recently been revised in parts and the new legislation (Directive 2013/55/EU) entered into force in January 2014. Prior to the transposition, ARB responded to the Government consultation on  Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive in the UK.

Under the new Directive, regulated professionals can provide their services on a “temporary and occasional” basis in Member States other than their own. For this purpose Part 2 of the Register has been created which lists the names of architects from other Member States who are working as a visiting architect. It denotes that they are not permanently established in this country. ARB cannot make a charge for entry to Part 2 of the Register.

In addition to being listed in Part 2 of the Register, visiting architects are required to submit a written declaration to ARB if they intend to provide their services on a temporary or occasional basis. This declaration is renewable for each year that the architect wishes to continue working on this basis.

Part 1 of the Register denotes full registration, rather than those who are visiting architects. Those coming to the UK from another Member State will, of course, still be able to register on Part 1 of the Register and may choose to do so even if they intend to provide their services temporarily. The criteria for the registration on Part 1 of the Register for those holding recognised EU Qualifications will be amended in line with the Directive.

ARB has put together some FAQs regarding the UK’s departure from the EU and further information can be found here.

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