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Publications List

Who we are and what we do: organisational information, structures, locations and contacts

Roles and responsibilities

Committee Terms of Reference
Professional Conduct Committee
Prescription Committee
Audit & Risk Committee
• People Committee
 Framework Agreement
• Statutory Instrument 2004 No. 655 – Professional Conduct Committee

Organisational structure
• Who we are
• What we do
• Senior Leadership Group
• ARB’s Internal Framework

Information relating to the legislation
• The Architects Act 1997
• Qualifications Directive
• Board’s General Rules
• Board members
• Location and Contact details for ARB
• ARB’s Purpose& Objectives and Strategic Objectives

What we spend and how we spent it: financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit

• Financial Audit Reports
• Attendance allowance and expenses paid to Board members
• Expenditure over £500


What our priorities are and how we are doing: strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews

• Annual Business Plan and Strategic Objectives
• Annual Report
Strategic Statement: Fire And Life Safety Design
• Service Standards
• Internal and external performance reviews

How we make decisions: decision making processes and records of decisions

• Major policy proposals and decisions
• Public consultations
• Minutes of meetings, including senior level meetings
• Reports and papers provided for consideration at meeting
• Policy on the matters to be discussed in the open and confidential sessions of Board meetings

Our policies and procedures: current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering services and responsibilities

Equality Scheme
• Code of Practice for Consultations
• Principles of Good Administration
• Fraud and Bribery Prevention Policy
• Reserves Policy
• Architects Registration Board Retirement Benefits Plan Statement
• Staff Handbook – Hardcopy available upon request
• Scheme of delegation
• Risk Management Strategy
• Whistleblowing Policy
• Privacy and Data Protection Policy
• Board Members’ Code of Practice
• Third Party Review

• Travel & Subsistence (Board and Panel members)

• Customer Service: complaints procedure and FOI requests
• Information Relating to the Freedom of Information Act
• Records and data management policies

Lists and registers

• UK Register of Architects – Website
• Uk Register of Architects – Purchase Download
• List of ARB prescribed qualifications
• Register of Board member interests

The services we offer: information about the services we offer; leaflets and guidance produced for the public and businesses; details of the services for which we are entitled to recover a fee and details of those fees

Registration as an architect
• Prescribed Examinations
• Examiners Code of Practice
• Code of Conduct
Title Protection Toolkit

Concerns about an architect
Investigations & Professional Conduct Committee Rules
Architects Code of Conduct
PCC decisions
Professional Indemnity Insurance
List of insurance brokers
Guidance on dealing with bankruptcy / liquidation
Regulation of title – list of prosecutions
• Regulation of title –  Title Protection Policy
Company formations (Rule 25 declaration)
Maintaining Competence

Prescription of qualifications
Prescription process
• Good Practice Handbook
• Student Handbook
ARB Criteria

• Maintaining competence and continuing professional development
• Practical training requirements
• Services Directive

Media releases
• News Releases
• ARB Insight

Information Leaflets
What is the Architects Registration Board?
You and your architect
What we do to regulate use of the title “architect”
Making a complaint
Dealing with a complaint
Customer service complaints
Third party review at a glance