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The Building Safety Act 2022 changed the law and requires ARB to establish a new Appeals Committee. This new committee is intended to provide a non-judicial route of appeal to people dissatisfied with certain decisions ARB makes in respect of their registration as an architect.

The updated Architects Act 1997 means the Committee can consider appeals against:

  • a decision to refuse an individual’s application for registration
  • a decision to remove or not re-enter someone onto the Register because the Board is not satisfied that they have gained sufficient recent practical experience or undertaken sufficient recent training

If ARB has made a decision about you that falls within either of these categories, we will let you know about your rights of appeal as part of informing you of that decision.

The Appeals Committee is not able to consider appeals against other ARB decisions.

The guidance below provides more information about the Committee and how to make an appeal.

The Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee is a panel made up of one legal qualified person, an architect, and a lay person. The Committee will consider appeals based on the documents submitted, rather than meet in person and receive live evidence. The Appeals Committee can uphold the original registration decision or direct ARB to make a different decision.

Rules setting out the full process of the Appeals Committee can be found in the Appeals Committee Rules.

The Committee and any ARB staff acting as the Appeals Secretary will follow these Rules and the procedures within them.


The current cost of an appeal is £2,090. This must be paid in full before the application for an appeal can be processed. Costs are fully refunded to those individuals who are successful on appeal.

How can I make an appeal?

If you are subject to a decision that falls within the scope of the Appeals Committee then you can appeal that decision within 28 days of receiving it.

You must put your appeal in writing to the Appeals Secretary:

The Appeals Secretary will decide whether your appeal is eligible, and upon receipt of payment will convene the Appeals Committee for it to make a decision.

Appeals will be aimed to be considered within three months of receipt, and a decision provided to you within a week afterwards.

Your status while the appeal is being considered

No change in registration status will be made while an appeal is pending. This means that if you have been refused registration then you will remain unregistered unless or until a different decision is made. If you are currently registered and have been told you will be removed from the Register, you will remain registered until the appeal process is complete.

Further appeal

If you remain dissatisfied with the decision of the Appeals Committee then you have a further right of appeal to the High Court (or the Court of Session if you are in Scotland), within three months of being informed of the Appeals Committee decision.

Reasonable adjustments

ARB has a legal duty to make reasonable adjustments for people with a disability. If you require further assistance in making an appeal, please contact us at or on 020 7580 5861.