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We want to hear from you

This Call for Evidence is a key part of our Competence Review. We are eager to collect a diverse range of opinions and evidence on the fundamental question of what it means to be an architect.  This will aid us in making informed decisions about our future approach to regulation.

The current Criteria, which we use to prescribe (recognise) qualifications in architecture, have been in place since 2010. Technological, material, environmental, educational and political contexts are constantly evolving, which may have an impact on the skills and competencies required of architects both now and in the future. We want to explore whether the current Criteria remain fit for purpose.

In addition, people remain in work longer, but there are no formalised requirements for architects to carry out Continued Professional Development as a condition of being on the Register. What is the best way to ensure that only competent architects remain registered and to provide assurance and confidence to the public?

Follow the link to provide your views on this important topic – Respond to ARB’s Call for Evidence.

Your input will help us ensure that we can take informed decisions in respect of the future regulation of architects. Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to our call for evidence.

To preview the structure of the Call for Evidence, you can view this questions list.

This Call for Evidence will remain open until 23 October 2020 at Noon.

More on the Review

We want our regulatory system to be as effective as possible at protecting the public and supporting the profession through regulation.  We are carrying out a review of architects’ competence to ensure they have the right blend of knowledge, skills and competencies required for the 21st century.

The Review will use research and widespread engagement with stakeholders to consider what the standard of entry to the Architects Register should be, and what skills and knowledge are required to remain on the Register. As well as defining these competences, the Review will support the development of the regulatory processes needed to ensure they are met.

Throughout 2020 we will be gathering views and evidence on what it takes to be an architect. This research will include surveys of architects and their employers as well as qualitative research with other stakeholders such as architecture students, schools of architecture and architects’ clients. You can follow this link for more on the Review.

If you have any questions about the Call for Evidence or the Review, please email