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Note: This survey ran 27 August-18 September 2020 and is now closed.

1. Why have I received a survey invitation?

The views of architects are crucial to our review of our regulatory model and architects’ competence. We have invited all UK architects to take part in this survey, which forms part of our wider Competence Review. By taking part you can help us understand your experience and you can help shape how the profession will be regulated in the future.

2. When does the survey close?

We are accepting survey responses between 27 August and 18 September at Noon.

3. What is the Competence Review?

Visit our dedicated webpage for further information: Competence Review

4. How is ARB going to test architects’ competence?

No decisions have been made about how – or whether – architects’ competence should be tested. The views of the profession are critically important in establishing an appropriate way to uphold public confidence in architects. This survey is one of the ways that you can give your views.

5. Is this survey the only research you are doing to inform the Competence Review?

No, it is part of a wider programme of research which also includes:

  • A call for evidence open to any interested party
  • A survey of employers of UK architects
  • Qualitative interviews with a sample of staff and students from Schools of Architecture
  • Consultations with other stakeholders such as relevant professional groups, client groups and insurers
  • Workshops to test findings of the research

6. What will the information I provide be used for?

It will be anonymously aggregated and used to help us make informed regulatory decisions. Your personal data will not be retained.

7. Who is carrying out the research?

We have appointed SQW ( to carry out this research on our behalf.

8. Can I share the link with other people?

We would ask you not to. This part of our research is concerned only with the views of UK architects, who have been sent individual invitations to take part. If you know of a UK architect who hasn’t received an invite and wishes to take part, they can contact us at

9. Can I complete the survey offline?

Unfortunately not. So we can manage the volume of responses we ask that you complete the survey online.

10. Do I have to complete the survey?

Not, but we would really encourage you to complete the survey as it will provide us with valuable information to inform our research. We appreciate not everyone will want or be able to respond on this occasion.

11. What are the next stages of the review?

After we have surveyed the profession, and completed our wider call for evidence from stakeholders who engage with architects, we will analyse the evidence and conduct in-depth interviews and focus group sessions before producing a report of our findings in early 2021.

12. How did you get my details?

As an architect, your details are registered with ARB.

13. Can I unsubscribe from future emails about the review?

From time to time we need to send you information that is important to your registration as an architect. You cannot opt out of these communications, but we are not planning any further surveys in respect of this Competence Review.

You can update your preferences to receive other communications from us via Registrants Services.

More information on how we handle data can be found in our Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy.

14. Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about the survey itself, please contact Peter Farrar at
If you have questions about ARB or the Competence Review, please email