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If you have been off the Register for more than two years, your application will need to be reviewed by ARB’s Competency Standards Group. The review is necessary under Rule 20 of the ARB’s General Rules. It requires you to demonstrate your competence to practise when registering. You will need to provide additional information and evidence for this purpose (i.e. references, evidence of continuing professional development, detailed curriculum vitae, and a statement for admission). This information will then be reviewed by the Competency Standards Group, who are all architects, before making a recommendation to the Registrar. If the information you provide in the first instance, is not sufficient to satisfy the Group, we may need to ask you to provide further information, before we are able to take your application forward.

ARB has prepared a series of videos to guide you through your application to join or rejoin the Register. Please take the time to view these videos so you understand the process before downloading any forms or submitting your application.

Video 1 – General overview

Video 2 – The application

Video 3 – Continued Professional Development

Apply here using our online portal

Important – please note
You cannot submit an online application and pay the relevant fees offline (e.g. by posting us a cheque). If you are unable to pay the relevant fees online using one of the accepted credit/debit cards,you should instead apply by post using a PDF version of the application forms, which can be requested by contacting us on

Your online application can be completed in more than one sitting. As you progress through each step, the information you provide will be saved automatically so you can log out of the portal and log in again later to continue working on your application. Your application will only be submitted to us once you have completed it in full and your payment transaction has been completed.

The relevant fees for re-joining the Register can be found here. Please note that fees for re-joining the Register will vary, depending on the timing of your application and the circumstances applying to any previous resignation or removal from the Register.

Apply here using our online portal