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2021 Year in Review


Year in Review

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ARB occupies a small but vitally important place in the built environment. Architects have a central role in creating a world in which the built environment inspires and allows people to feel safe. Our job is to deliver effective regulation so that architects and other professionals are empowered to build that world.

– Alan Kershaw, ARB Chair

We passionately believe that if regulation is to be effective, by enabling architects to be the best they can be and ensuring the continued confidence of those who use the services of architects, we need to listen and engage well.

– Hugh Simpson, Registrar and Chief Executive

Hugh Simpson

Our work in 2021

Facts and figures


Qualifications monitored across 53 institutions

(124 in 2020)

Qualifications renewed across 12 institutions

(14 in 2020)

Qualifications prescribed across nine institutions

(25 in 2020)

In 2021, we notified RIAI of:
  • Four new qualifications
  • Two new and additional qualification titles
  • Changes to two existing award titles
  • One institution as a new awarding body

Professional Standards

Total complaints received

(154 in 2020)

Complaints resolved without the need for formal action

(106 in 2020)

Complaints referred to the Professional Conduct Committee

(26 in 2020)

Incidents of title misuse investigated

(502 in 2020)

Complaints referred for investigation

(48 in 2020)




Architects on the Register

(42,340 in 2020)

New admissions from the UK route

(1,355 in 2020)

New admissions from EU routes

(477 in 2020)

Architects removed from the Register

(1,643 in 2020)



Expenditure 47% | Income 53%

We ended 2021 in a financially secure position, with income outweighing expenditure.


of suppliers paid within 30 days

(82% in 2020)

Total permanent staff at year end

(37 at the end of 2020)

New hires

Including 6 new roles

Policy and Communications

Average audience

For 6 eBulletins

Post views on social media

Members of the Architects Engagement Group

Visits to

(791,848 individual pages viewed)

Attendees for 8 online events

Responses across four separate surveys and consultations

Followers on social media

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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7580 5861

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