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Logging into MyARB for the first time

The instructions below are for architects logging in to MyARB for the first time.

Please see here for specific guidance on MyARB for:

  • Those seeking to join the Register for the first time
  • Those who used to be registered and are seeking to rejoin the Register
  • Architects who want to resign from the Register
  • Employers who wish to pay employee retention fees
  • Architects who wish to change their MyARB password

Login to your MyARB portal here.


1. Login

To login for the first time, please use the email address and password that were sent to your registered email address from Your registered email address may be either a personal email address or a work email address. If you don’t have this email or can’t find it, please email us at with your name and registration number. Please be aware that if you attempt to login with incorrect details you may lock access to your account. The password that was sent to you has both upper and lower case digits, and it may be easiest for you to copy and paste your password from the ARB login details email.

2. Set up your profile

You will be taken to ‘My Profile’ when you first log in. Review the details we have on record for you, and click ‘Edit’. You can now edit those details, including your business address contact details, your home address contact details, and your equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) data. EDI data is optional, and should you not wish to share with us, you can select ‘Prefer not to say’ for most categories. Remember to click ‘save’ to submit your changes. The online Register updates once per day, so you may not see your changes reflected immediately. Please contact us if you do not see a change you have made reflected after 48 hours. You will not be able to pay your retention fee if you have not reviewed and updated all of the required details under ‘My Profile’.

3. (Optional) Change your password

At this point, you may wish to update your password. To do so, navigate back to the MyARB login page. Re-enter your registered email address, and select ‘Forgot your password?’. We will send a verification code to your registered email address, which may be either a personal email address or a work one. It may take some time for the email to deliver, and it may be sent to your spam folder.

Once you have your code, please enter it on the login page. You will now be able to enter a new password. Your new password should be something strong but memorable.

4. Pay your 2024 retention fee

Having updated and submitted the required information under ‘My Profile’, you will now have a new option on your home screen for ‘Pay Retention Fee 2024’. Select this button and follow the instructions to pay by debit card or credit card.

You will receive a receipt and a copy of your certificate of registration for 2024 to your registered email address shortly after you pay. Your certificate and receipt will also be available in the ‘My Safeguarding Documents’ section, and you can email both documents to yourself from here should you need them. These documents may take a short time to arrive, but if you think you haven’t received them, please make sure to check your spam folder before contacting us.

You may wish to set up a direct debit. You can see details for (and edit and remove) any direct debits on the ‘My Profile’ section of the portal. The direct debit account must be your own, or a small business account; we can’t take payments from large employers.