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The Prescription Committee’s role is to scrutinise and challenge the work of the ARB Executive in prescribing (recognising) the qualifications and practical experience needed to become an architect. It will ensure that all material has been prepared fairly and consistently, in line with the Board’s Procedures for the Prescription of Qualifications (November 2019).

A newly constituted Prescription Committee was appointed by the Board in autumn 2019, with revised Terms of Reference. It includes both architect and lay members with expertise and experience across architectural academia and practice, and higher education quality assurance. It will alert the Board across any issues arising from the operation of the prescription process.

Committee members are impartial and observe confidentiality at all times. In line with ARB’s policies, no Committee member is asked to advise on any matter where there is a conflict of interest or where such a conflict might arise. They are appointed for up to four years per term, and may serve for up to a total of eight years.

Duties of the Committee

The Committee will:

  • provide advice to the Board as to whether the Procedures for the Prescription of Qualifications are being adhered to fairly and consistently;
  • review material prepared by the Executive in relation to applications for prescription/to renew prescription; title and qualification changes; annual monitoring submissions and where appropriate, challenge the level of scrutiny applied by the Executive to their review of the material provided by institutions;
  • review, challenge and where necessary advise about amendments to the recommendations which the Executive are planning on providing to the Board in relation to prescription matters;
  • identify and advise the Board in relation to the policies/guidance which need to be developed in order to support the Executive in undertaking their scrutiny of prescription matters; and
  • consider any other matters referred to it by the Executive.
Terms of Reference

The members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Board and shall consist of the following:

  • An Independent Lay Chair
  • Two Board members
  • Four Independent Advisers

The Board may also appoint one or more external members to supplement the Committee’s skills base and/or provide an additional independent perspective.

The Chair of the Committee (who will not be a member/the Chair of the Board) should have experience of higher education quality assurance. The two Board members should include one lay and one architect Board member. Two of the independent advisers should be drawn from architectural academia and two should have experience of higher education quality assurance and/or other regulatory experience; the two independent advisers drawn from architectural academia should be registered architects.

A member of the Accreditation Team should act as secretary to the Committee. Other regular attendees at the Committee are:

  • Accreditation Manager
  • Accreditation Officers/Administrator
  • Director of Registration and Accreditation (where appropriate)
  • Registrar and Chief Executive (where appropriate)

The Committee may ask any other member of staff, or such others as may be appropriate, to attend to assist it with its discussions on any particular matter.


The quorum of the Prescription Committee should not be less than half the number of members of the Committee, one of whom must be a lay member of the Committee and one of whom must be an architect member of the Committee.

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will meet up to nine times per year. Additional meetings can be called by the Committee Chair at any time, giving 14 days’ notice.


Committee Members