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Terms of Reference


The purpose of this Committee is to scrutinise and challenge the Executive’s proposals in terms of the development of regulatory policy to ensure that the regulatory model is proportionate and effective.


The Committee will:

  • Review proposals and advise the Executive on draft rules, regulations and consultations and impact assessments relating to regulatory reform and development, including our compliance with the public sector equality duty;
  • Advise the Executive on the development of ARB policy and to provide assurance that it is evidence based and informed by sufficient engagement and consultation, takes account of our commitment to diversity and the principles of better regulation, and that plans are in place for appropriate evaluation;
  • Advise the Executive on emerging issues, internal and external factors which might affect future policy development; and
  • Ensure that policy development has been informed by effective engagement with the full range of the ARB’s stakeholders.


The members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Board and shall consist of four Board members

Two lay Board members and two architect Board member should sit on the Committee.   Where appropriate, the Chair of the Committee may invite additional Board members and/or other non-executive Committee members to attend meetings for specific agenda items.

The Board may also appoint an additional external member to supplement the Committee’s skills base and/or provide an additional independent perspective.

A member of the Executive should act as secretary to the Committee.

Other regular attendees at the Committee are:

  • Registrar and Chief Executive
  • Relevant members of the Senior Leadership Group

The Committee may ask any other member of staff, or such others as may be appropriate, to attend to assist it with its discussions on any particular matter.


The quorum of the Policy Committee should not be less than half the number of members of the Committee, one of whom must be a lay member of the Committee and one of whom must be an architect member of the Committee.


Meetings and Procedures
The Committee will meet at least four times per year.


Reporting Requirements
The minute taker, who will be a member of the Executive, will circulate the minutes to the next Board meeting. The Chair will provide an annual report on the Committee’s work to the Board.


Papers and Agendas
The Executive shall circulate the agenda and papers five working days before each meeting.  The minute taker will circulate the minutes of all meetings to both the members and attendees of the Committee, once they have been approved by the Chair.


Conflicts of Interest
Any member or attendee of the Committee who becomes aware of a potential conflict of interest relating to matters being discussed by the Committee should give prior notification to the Chair and the Registrar and Chief Executive or if this is not possible, declare this at the meeting and, where necessary, withdraw during the discussion of the relevant agenda item.