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Alona Martinez Perez

Alona Martinez Perez

ARB Examiner

Dr Alona Martinez Perez is a Senior Lecturer at the Leicester School of Architecture, De Montfort University. Originally from Spain (Bilbao, Basque Country) she trained as an architect in England and Scotland holding qualifications in both architecture and urban design. She has completed her PhD at the University of Sheffield with a scholarship award on the subject of “The Architecture of the Periphery” looking at the theory of the periphery in the European city, with a case study in Madrid. She won the PhD Conference bid for AHRA (Architecture and Humanities Research Association) at Plymouth University and has presented over 20 papers and conferences on peripheral issues.

Previous roles include Lecturer in Architecture at Plymouth University (2013-2017) where she was MArch 1 Leader and Head of Subject for Professional Studies, Lecturer in Place making at the University of Ulster (2009-2013) where she was fully responsible for all urban design teaching in the MSc of Planning and Property Development, tutor for architecture at the University of Dundee and a Research Director at the Geddes Institute for the project of cities and regions.

Dr Martinez Perez also worked in practice for nearly a decade in both England and Scotland for a number of public and private sector clients and companies on a number of prestigious project ranging from 100K to 40 million pounds in retail, hospitals, schools, hotels and master planning and continues to work as an architect in small projects. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK, and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture and Urban Design, and a Master of Science in Urban Design from Edinburgh College of Art, and a degree of Architecture from Huddersfield University. She has been a visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg since July 2017 working on peripheral development and de-colonisation, a visiting Professor at the University of Trento and has taught as a visiting lecturer at Edinburgh University, University of Pescara and University Federico II LUPT.

She has written extensively at an International level, in Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Spain and also the UK and Ireland. She has published in Domus, Urbanistica, Journal of Urban Design, and spoken at International conferences as a keynote speaker. In 2011 her work of two exhibitions and conferences with the project Belfast at Venice was awarded the Urbanistica Prize by the INU, the prestigious National Urban Institute (Italy). She is also a Fellow of the Geddes Institute (University of Dundee)

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De Montfort University (Current Employer)
Appointed external examiner in two courses of MA Advanced Architectural Design at the University of Huddersfield, and MA Urban Design at Leeds Beckett University.