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Help to shape the future for architects: join ARB’s new Architects Engagement Group

Every year the architecture profession faces new challenges and opportunities. As a professional regulator, ARB needs to understand those changes and respond to them. As we develop new approaches to how we regulate, it’s vital that we hear from architects.

That’s why we’re setting up an informal Architects Engagement Group. By joining the group, you’ll become one of the architects we can call on to help feed into our work and help shape the future of architecture.

When you join the group, you’ll complete a survey to tell us a bit about you and your areas of expertise and interest. Some of the details will help us monitor our own commitment to diversity and inclusion, so that we can make sure we’re talking to a wide range of professionals. We will of course observe data protection principles in how we hold and manage your responses.

Once you’re in the group, you’ll be invited to participate in different engagement activities. Whenever you’re invited, it will be completely up to you whether you participate. You might, for example, be invited to take a survey or join a roundtable discussion on policy positions we’re developing. You might take a look at new communications materials we’re developing, or simply pick up the phone so we can test our thinking and how we can best describe it to the world.

If you want to help shape ARB’s approach, please join the Architects Engagement Group here.