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If you are to provide temporary and occasional services in the United Kingdom, you will need to complete Form TPS.

Your name will be entered in Part 2 of the Register which is reserved for those who are visiting EEA architects. Individuals on Part 2  of the Register (please note Part 1 is the main Register and Part 2 of the Register is for those with EEA rights who are practising in the UK on a temporary basis) will only be permitted to use the professional title held by them in the European State in which they are established, unless that person would be entitled to be included in Part 1 of the Register.

You must provide evidence:

  • to confirm that you are an EEA national
  • of  your lawful establishment in another European Member State
  • of your professional qualifications
  • of two years professional experience in another EEA Member State, if the State is unregulated

Please note that this form is for those who are not in the UK on a full time basis

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