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As the regulator for architects, we have a key role in public protection. One of the ways in which we do this is by setting the standards for entry to the UK Register of architects. This includes deciding what qualifications and experience architects who have trained and qualified outside the UK need to hold to join the Register.

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, we have been exploring a new approach to registration of international architects. We intend to implement this once the relevant legislation introduced to Parliament by the Government is in place.

The consultation document we have published today sets out and seeks views on our approach, including our aims and objectives, our principles and our proposed decision-making process.

Our aims
We want this new approach to support and uphold standards in the UK while also facilitating and supporting the UK architectural profession’s trade with the world, with its reputation for excellence and global presence.

The document sets out the principles we intend to follow in achieving this and in particular seeks views on:
• the overarching approach we take to our new international routes to registration;
• the development of the additional requirements for individuals holding international qualifications;
• the development of mutual recognition agreements and memoranda of understanding with other countries, and how we’ll decide whether or not to pursue these.

What has changed?
The process through which architects can apply to join the Register has not yet changed.
At this stage, we’re sharing our proposed direction of travel and seeking feedback on the approach we plan to take. This will help inform our decisions as to what we do next.

The point at which our new international routes will need to become operational will be dependent on the progress of legislation. We are basing our plans on the possibility that they may need to become operational in mid-2022.

How to share your views
We are running this engagement exercise online and invite any interested parties to provide their views on the approach, proposals and principles that we have outlined in the document.

We would also like to get your views about how we should communicate and engage in a way that’s beneficial and constructive for interested parties, and how we could formalise this into arrangements that provide more certainty and transparency.

Comments or feedback can be emailed to us at by 14 January 2022.

Architects with EU qualifications
Alongside this work, we’re reminding architects with EU qualifications listed in the ‘frozen’ Annex that they can still apply under interim arrangements. We’re encouraging architects to do this while those arrangements are still in place.

Further information on this can be found here.