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Yorgos Berdos

ARB Examiner


Yorgos is a Teaching Fellow at The University of Edinburgh, a Lecturer at The University of Dundee and registered as an architect actively practising in the UK and Greece. He has studied architecture at the University of Thessaly in Greece and HafenCity University in Hamburg, Germany, holding a Diploma in Architecture.

He earned an MSc from the Architectural Association’s EmTech, focussed on the conjunction of Emergent Technologies and Design across different scales. He has also completed the Beyond Smart Cities course from MIT Media Lab. Yorgos has previously taught and lectured in various universities in the UK and internationally and practiced in small and international firms, including Zaha Hadid Architects. Since early 2018 he is an examiner for the Architects Registration Board.

At the moment Yorgos combines practicing with teaching while presenting his research and design outputs in exhibitions, conferences and invited lectures. His completed and ongoing architectural projects vary in terms of scale and programmatic function and range from residential to alternative hospitality projects and from pavilion to product design.

Apart from that, Yorgos has published a number of articles in international scientific journals and parts of his work have been included in various publications. In 2014 his undergraduate thesis project was selected to represent Greece in Archiprix 2015, an international biennial event showcasing the best graduation projects in the world.

Moreover, Yorgos is a part-time PhD candidate at The University of Edinburgh. His PhD research is investigating the role of Trust as a design parameter across different scales and systems. Yorgos’ work often tries to explore ways in which architectural design and thinking are not limited to their prescribed roles.

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