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Sarah Renshaw

ARB Examiner


Sarah Renshaw is a Director at Loop Systems Co-operative, a Manchester based practice dedicated to delivering projects based on social, economic and environmental sustainability. Sarah has experience in projects ranging in size across a mix of sectors, including commercial, residential and masterplanning schemes and the managing of projects from design development through to implementation on site.

Specialising extensively in the educational sector she has worked closely with several College Campuses on several phases of development. Sarah also has vast experience in the housing sector working with several housing associations in the North West. Recent projects include adaptation projects looking to push the boundaries of institutional design. As a former Code for Sustainable Homes assessor Sarah has in depth knowledge in environmental implementation and inclusive design.

Sarah is also a Senior Lecturer (part time) at Manchester School of Architecture and currently teaches on both the under-graduate BA course and the post-graduate March course. Outside of practice and academia personal interests include exploring the context of the built environment through art, including college, printmaking and book arts.

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Senior Lecturer at Manchester School of Architecture
Director at Loop Systems

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