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David Kann

Professional Conduct Committee, Architect Member


David Kann has been registered with the ARB and been a member of the RIBA since the 1970s. David went on to found and successfully manage the RIBA Chartered Practice of David Kann Associates for almost thirty years.

His experience included multidisciplinary professional services for new, existing and historic buildings, capital repairs and most requirements in between. All RIBA Plan of Work development stages were covered within a wide variety of appointment conditions and procurement for housing, education, community/religious and commercial projects in the public, voluntary and private sectors.

Although now David retired from David Kann Associates, with the intention of slowing down, he is as busy as before, but just differently. He maintains a much-reduced level of professional work through his company, Ionic Development Consultancy Limited. In a partial change of direction, David completed a Master’s Research degree in 2017 at Royal Holloway University of London and is currently studying part-time for a PhD at the University of Sheffield, both in Modern European History, to fill any remaining gaps arising from taking things easier.

In addition to being an architect member of the PCC for the ARB, David is also a member of RIBA’s Professional Conduct Panel for investigations and hearings, as well as a member of RIBA’s Core Group for the 2018 Code of Conduct Professional Review.

Annual Register of Interest 2018

Membership of formal groups:
Registered Architect with the Architects Registration Board
Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects
Member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors
Registered Member fo the Association for Project Safety
Member of the Pyramus and Thisbe Club

Business, professional or social relationships:
David Kann is still practicing as an architect and in other professional capacities under the entities listed below, otherwise no relevant declarations to be made

Companies or associations which you or members of your family are officers or employees or in which you or they have beneficial interests:
The Knoll Residents Association Limited – David Kann is Chairman and a Director
Avante House Limited – David Kann is a Director
Ionic Development Consultancy Limited – as below (David Kann is the Managing Director of this company, which is his current main professional practice)

Involvement in partnerships, joint ventures or consortia:
David Kann Associates (David Kann is the Practice Principal of this professional entity, which was his previous main professional practice and is now no longer actively trading)
Ionic Development Consultancy Limited (David Kann is the Managing Director of this company, which is his current main professional practice)

Professional relationships with individuals, organisations or businesses that might have relationships with ARB:
None, other than RIBA membership

David Kann is currently studying for a Master’s degree at Holloway College, University of London, but otherwise there is no professional connection

Declaration of Interests

Paid employment

Unpaid work


Business connections

Personal connections

Political or campaign activity