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ARB encourages institutions to use ARB’s logo in marketing material and on their website to signify the status of their ARB prescribed qualification(s). The logo highlights to prospective students and others that a qualification satisfies ARB’s prescription requirements at the relevant level, and contributes to the suite of qualifications required for registration as an architect in the UK.

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Institutions may only use the logo in relation to a qualification that is prescribed by ARB – to signal that ARB has recognised the qualification as one of those required for the purposes of registration.

The logo must not be used in such a way as to mislead students, potential students, members of the public or others into thinking that the logo signifies direct eligibility for registration with the ARB. It must be made clear to individuals that they need to gain ARB-prescribed qualifications at Parts 1, 2 and 3 as well as the appropriate practical training experience to be eligible for registration with ARB.

Institutions must ensure that accurate information is provided about the status of a qualification that has been prescribed by ARB so that prospective and current students are not misled. Institutions should advise students of the date on which the current period of prescription is due to expire, and that prescription is subject to periodic review and made on the basis that conditions of prescription are met and maintained; for example:

‘The University of Poppleton’s BA (Hons) Architecture is prescribed by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) for the purposes of entry onto the United Kingdom Register of Architects. Prescription is subject to the conditions of prescription being met and maintained, and to periodic review. The qualification is currently prescribed until 30 September 2024.’

Prescription must be in place at the point at which a student receives the award in order for them to have a prescribed qualification that contributes to their eligibility to register with ARB. The status of a qualification may change while students are undertaking the qualification; in which case, the institution should inform the students affected and of the implications of this.

If an institution is in the process of seeking prescription from ARB for a qualification and chooses to disclose this, the status of the qualification must be made clear to prospective and current students. In such instances, it is recommended that the institution provides regular updates to students on the progress of the application and its potential impact on them. ARB often receives queries about whether qualifications are going through the prescription process. As the prescription process is confidential, ARB instructs such enquirers to contact the institution for information about whether prescription is being sought.

The logo must not be used for any qualification that is not prescribed by ARB. This means that where an institution is in the process of applying for prescription of a qualification, the logo cannot be used in relation to that qualification.

When using the logo, institutions should not:

  • Alter it in any way, although the size can be increased or decreased;
  • Obscure it in any way, for example by overlapping any wording or design;
  • Reproduce it at an angle.

Please note that only ARB prescription of qualifications gives eligibility for the purposes of joining the UK Register of Architects.

It is possible that students may misunderstand the status of a qualification with ARB if it is recognised by other bodies. For example, a qualification can be validated by the RIBA but not prescribed by ARB, and students may be unaware that this is the case. If an institution states that its qualification is recognised by other bodies, there is an expectation that the status of the qualification with ARB should also be clearly stated. This will avoid any potential confusion over the status of a qualification and whether it will contribute to eligibility to join the UK Register of Architects.