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The Privy Council has appointed three new lay Board members to the Architects Registration Board.  It is the responsibility of the Board to oversee the work of the regulator by ensuring that it delivers its statutory functions as set out in the Architects Act 1997, regulating the profession in the public interest.  The three lay appointments are Caroline Corby, James Grierson and Alice Hynes.  All three new Board members will join the Board on the 1 April 2017 for a four year tenure in line with the Act.

The Board consists of fifteen members in total, eight lay members, appointed by the Privy Council, and seven architect members, elected by the profession.  The existing lay members are Nabila Zulfiqar and Ros Levenson (who have just been reappointed) as well as Suzanne McCarthy, Jagtar Singh and Carol Bernstein (who joined the Board in 2016).  The seven architect members were elected a year ago in March 2016.  The elected architect members are Jason Bill, Guy Maxwell, Richard Parnaby, Sue Roaf, Danna Walker, Soo Ware and Alex Wright.

Nabila Zulfiqar, who has been a Board Member since April 2013 and is the new Chair said:

‘I would like to welcome the three new lay members who have been appointed by the Privy Council and I am also pleased that my colleague Ros Levenson will continue to serve on the Board.  The selection process for public appointments is a robust one, with applications from a range of high calibre candidates looking to undertake an important public service.  The new lay members are each highly respected in their fields and will bring new perspectives and insights to our strong and committed Board team.’

Biographies for the newly appointed lay Board Members are available on the Board members section of the site.

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