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The deadline for receipt of nominations – noon on 11 January 2016 – has now passed. As Returning Officer, I confirm that the nominations of the following 17 individuals, listed in random order, are valid:

Mr Bill Chew
Professor Sue Roaf
Mr Guy Maxwell
Mr Bill Thomas
Professor Alex Wright
Mr Darren Keung
Mr Frank McCloskey
Mr Jason Bill
Mr Hans G Eisner
Professor Richard Parnaby
Mr Steve Race
Mr Terence McCaw
Mr Hassan Ali
Ms Susan Ware
Miss Danna Walker
Mr Basil Sawczuk
Mr Alexander Dusterloh

A poll will now be held for election to the Architects Registration Board. Only seven of the 17 candidates can be elected. Electoral Reform Services (ERS) is the independent body overseeing the election. ERS will circulate the ballot material at the beginning of February 2016 to all architects entitled to vote in the election. The pack will contain everything you need to vote in the election, including details on how to cast your vote, whether you choose to vote online or opt for the more traditional postal method. If you haven’t received your pack by 15 February, please phone ERS on 020 8365 8909. Completed ballot papers must be received by the Returning Officer, via the ERS, by noon on 1 March 2016. Any votes received after this deadline has passed will not be counted. ERS will advise me of the result of the election no later than 10 March 2016, following which I will announce the names of the seven architects who have been elected to serve on the Board from 1 April 2016.

Beatrice Fraenkel, ARB Chair said ‘The Architects Act 1997 makes provision for the election of seven elected Board members. I am delighted that so many have chosen to stand for election. I urge all architects to vote in this election.  Board Members have an important role in delivering the Act and overseeing the organisation’s work to maintain standards for the benefit of the public and architects alike.’

Any queries relating to this matter should be directed to or

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