Retention fee will remain at £107 for fourth year running
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At its meeting on 14 September 2017 the ARB Board agreed that the retention fee would be held at £107 for 2018. This is the fourth year running that the fee has been set at this level.

Each year the Board is required to agree the annual business plan and associated budget, as well as set the annual retention fee and other fees.

In addition to the retention fee being held at £107 the Board also decided that there would be no changes to fees for joining and re-joining the Register, Prescribed Examinations, the provision of the PDF Register and Certificates. The Board operates a ‘user pays’ policy with regard to the fees it sets. This means that the fees link directly to the costs of registration.  For example, the retention fee payable by architects who wish to remain on the Register is £107, whereas the fee for first time registration within two years of obtaining their Part 3 qualification is £142. This is because those applying for first time registration pay an additional £35 to cover the costs associated with processing first time applications. In this way, the Board works to provide a fee structure which is both fair and transparent.

You can read more about the fees, business plan and budget for 2018 in the papers for the recent Board meeting which can be viewed here.