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As part of the Architects Registration Board’s (ARB) role to support students/candidates in meeting the standards for conduct and practice to join the Register of Architects, the Accreditation Team offers lecture/workshop sessions* to raise awareness about regulation of the profession and protection of the architect title.

The sessions – which typically last between one and two hours, and can be adapted to suit the group size – cover the role of ARB, the Code of Conduct and professionalism, as appropriate for the stage in training. We can deliver sessions for students/candidates at Parts 1, 2 and 3.

Typical content

At Part 1, the sessions provide an introduction to regulation and the role of ARB, the stages of qualification and practical training requirements, and professional expectations. Typically lasting an hour, these are often for students in the final year of their Part 1 course but are equally suitable for those at earlier stages.

At Part 2, students consider the concept of professional responsibility in more depth, looking at the Code of Conduct and how it applies to practice. It’s also an opportunity for students to check requirements for registration in the UK before embarking on the next stage of their training. These sessions usually last an hour and a half to two hours, though can be shortened.

At Part 3, the emphasis is on the Code of Conduct, its application and good practice to avoid problems, highlighting areas that commonly form the basis of complaints. Discussion by candidates of case studies and the practical application of the Code are an important part of the session. As for Part 2, Part 3 sessions typically last an hour and a half to two hours.

At all levels, there’s plenty of opportunity for questions.

Arranging a visit*

We welcome the opportunity to work with institutions and students/candidates. These visits are available to all institutions delivering prescribed qualifications, and are free of charge.

Typically organised by the professional studies adviser (PSA) or course/programme leader, the sessions often contribute to the practice, management and law elements of the course. We can visit throughout the year, though there’s considerable demand at peak times (October/November and February/March) so it’s advisable to book a visit well in advance.

If you’d like us to visit your institution or find out more, please contact the Accreditation Team at

When requesting a visit, it’s helpful if you can state the Part(s), give an indication of approximate group size, and include a few possible dates and times that would be convenient for each session.

*Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any liaison visits at the present time. Should this change, we will notify institutions accordingly; and, in the interim, we can provide information that can be circulated to students/candidates – this can be requested by contacting the Accreditation Team at the email above.