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Using the ARB logo on a prescribed qualification’s webpage, brochure or other publicity material sends out a positive message to prospective students, parents and members of the public that the qualification satisfies ARB’s prescription requirements at the relevant level.

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When applying the logo to web pages, publicity material etc., the logo must not be used in such a way as to mislead students, potential students, members of the public or others into thinking that the logo signifies direct eligibility for registration with the ARB. Institutions must ensure that the logo refers only to a qualification which has been prescribed by ARB.

It must be made clear to individuals that they will need to gain the appropriate ARB-prescribed qualifications, at the appropriate levels, as well as the appropriate practical training experience before being eligible for registration with the ARB.

The use of the logo is restricted to signaling that ARB has recognised the relevant qualification as one of those required for the purposes of registration.

Please see the Good Practice Handbook for suggested wording that institutions may wish to use and for further guidance on using our logo. The ARB has also agreed wording with Unistats that institutions may wish to use on its website and publicity material.

We don’t have any strict guidelines about how you use the logo, but we do ask you not to:

  • alter it in any way, although you can increase or decrease its size according to how you plan to use it
  • obscure it in any way, for example, by any wording or design
  • reproduce it at an angle

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