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Information on ARB prescribed qualifications for architecture students

This information is intended for architecture students and covers our approach to prescribed qualifications at this time.

In the rapidly changing environment, we will keep this information under review and update it as needed.
This page was last updated on 15 April 2020.

We realise this is difficult and challenging time for students at all stages of architectural education. We’re engaging with education providers and other stakeholders to understand the experiences of those in education and reviewing how our process can be maintained or adapted as the situation requires.

Our role in architectural education

As part of our role as regulator, we set the UK educational standards required by those wishing to enter onto the Architects Register in order to practise as an architect in the UK. We ‘prescribe’ or recognise the qualifications that enable individuals to meet these standards.

The Architects Register is the definitive record of all UK architects, only those on the Register can legally practices as an architect in the UK. We maintain the Register and ensure only those with the appropriate education and experience are admitted.

Our engagement with education providers

Prescription remains in place for those qualifications already prescribed (see here for details).

We are maintaining regular contact with education providers and key stakeholders to monitor, review and adapt our approach to the prescription of qualifications during this time.

Our aim is to be as flexible and pragmatic as we can while ensuring standards are still met, so students and others can be confident in the qualification that is achieved. More details about our engagement with education providers can be found here.

We recommend that architecture students keep in touch with their education providers to get the latest updates about the delivery of your qualification. Details of other support for students can be found in our Student Handbook here.

Contact us

If you have a question not covered by this information, you can also contact us at using the subject line Coronavirus – Prescription Advice.