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Information for those involved in ARB activities

Here you can find information about how we are operating as an organisation at the moment.  We will review and update this information frequently.  This page was last updated on 2 July 2020.

About the virus

The latest advice and guidance can be found on the NHS and GOV.UK websites.

ARB’s response

We take the health and wellbeing of our staff and stakeholders very seriously and have been closely monitoring Government updates.

Working remotely

From the 18 March 2020, in line with government advice at the time, our staff began working remotely. We continue to follow current Government advice, which now includes staying alert and limiting contact with others.

We remain contactable by telephone, email, live chat and online form queries, though response times may be slightly impacted in some cases. Our office will not be open to visitors.  Please do not post any hard copy documents to our office, as there will be a delay in us retrieving them.  Please instead email documents to us at

Our Board

Our Board is in regular contact by phone and email, with updates being provided by the Board Chair and Marc Stoner, our Acting Chief Executive and Registrar. The Board also meets virtually during these difficult times and on a more regular basis than usual – approximately every month.

Our Board remains committed to good governance, while mindful also of the need to be agile to ensure emergent issues are managed in a timely and transparent way. As far as possible, Board papers will be published on our website here in line with our usual processes.

On 6 April our Audit and Risk Assurance Committee met to discuss our risk management, to help ensure all major risks were identified and mitigation strategies implemented.

Our Board then met on 8 April to explore how best to protect the public and support architects through regulation under current circumstances. They discussed our newly devised COVID-19 Risk Register and reviewed our approach to the delivery of our statutory duties and 2020 Business Plan, to ensure our resources are directed where they are needed most.

Our operations

To ensure we can continue to fulfil our duties to protect the public and support architects through regulation, we have developed business continuity plans which are in place and being regularly reviewed. While managing the risks, our aim is to minimise disruption to the delivery of our statutory duties.

Maintaining our core functions will be prioritised during this time. If we need to make changes to any existing arrangements we will be in touch with effected individuals directly.

We are continuing to review how best to facilitate our regulatory activities involving small groups of people such as our hearings and examinations. We are engaging with our stakeholders to discuss any other potential implications for our regulatory duties, including working with institutions and other relevant organisations to manage any implications which may arise for prescribed qualifications.

If you are due to sit our Prescribed Exam, or take part in any of our other regulatory activities, please contact us:
Online Chat
Online enquiry form
(+44) 0207 580 5861

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