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DCLG have completed the first phase of the periodic review.  Stephen Williams MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has reviewed the submission from the periodic review group and has concluded that there remains a case for continued light-touch statutory regulation of architects. This would be based on protection of title.

Phase two of the review will commence shortly.  It will involve working with stakeholders to identify how best to deliver the regulation of architects.

Beatrice Fraenkel, Chair of the ARB, said, ‘We welcome the outcome of the first phase of the periodic review which has recommended that statutory regulation of architects should continue. We look forward to ensuring the organisation continues to deliver its regulatory function effectively whilst at the same time contributing to further constructive debate during phase two of the review, around key regulatory issues such as maintaining standards for the benefit of architects and consumers.’

Karen Holmes, Interim Registrar and Chief Executive of ARB, said, ‘As we move into phase two we are committed to contributing to further productive discussions and the opportunity to define what is required for the regulation of architects going forward.’



Notes to Editors

The Department for Communities and Local Government’s has published the outcome of phase one of the periodic review.  To read it click here.

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