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ARB was established by the Architects Act 1997; it is governed by a Board of 15 Members, 8 of whom are lay Members and 7 of whom are architects elected by registrants. The General Rules, which set out how the Board operates, make provision for the election of a chair.

Peter Coe, the former Chair will conclude his term as a Board Member on 31 March 2017 and so has stepped down to facilitate a straightforward transition to a new chair. Richard Parnaby, who was Vice-Chair of the Board, has taken on the role on an interim basis whilst the election takes place.

Rule 7 of the General Rules requires the Board to conduct an election from amongst its Members and nominations have now been received for the role of Chair of the Board.  Karen Holmes, the Registrar and Chief Executive, has received two such nominations, these are listed below:

Nominations for the position of Chair of the Architects Registration Board

Nabila Zulfiqar
Supported by – Alex Wright and Neil Watts

Suzanne McCarthy
Supported by – Guy Maxwell and Peter Coe


A ballot, in which all Board members will vote, will be held on 15 March 2017 and the results will be announced thereafter.

If you have any questions about the election process or ARB’s wider remit and role please feel free to contact us via email at or call us on +44 (0) 20 7580 5861.

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