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The Architects Registration Board (ARB) has embarked on an important exercise to ask all registrants to answer a set of equality and diversity questions.

The questions cover ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability.

The Public Sector Equality Duty, which was established by the Equality Act 2010, requires public bodies to put equality at the heart of what they do, in terms of shaping policy, delivering services and in employing staff.  ARB is an inclusive organisation.  We actively promote equality of opportunity for everybody who has dealings with us, irrespective of their race, gender, disability, religion, belief system, sexual orientation or age.  ARB is committed to understanding how its work impacts on the users of its services so that we can improve our policies and procedures to meet the needs of the people we serve.  This equality and diversity survey is an essential part of this process.  This will also provide us with more information about the demographic distribution of the Register of architects so that we track changes over time which is information we can then share with our stakeholders.

For the last two years all new admissions to the Register have been asked to answer equality and diversity questions.  Whilst answering is voluntary, over 2300 people provided the information requested, which is a clear reflection of the importance attributed by architects to this issue.  Today ARB has invited all registrants, who have not previously been asked for this information, to answer our equality and data survey.

Beatrice Fraenkel, ARB’s Chair said, ‘We are keen to urge all architects to respond to this equality and diversity survey.  Information about registrants is fundamentally important to us and informs how we deliver on our statutory remit.’

RIBA issued a statement in support of the survey, saying, ‘The Royal Institute of British Architects believes that having a greater understanding of the profile of the profession will lead to improved accessibility for everyone. This survey compliments and supports the work the RIBA is doing to ensure that architecture is a diverse and inclusive profession that offers possibilities for a wide range of talented individuals, whatever their background.’

The ARB has produced a set of FAQs on this issue which is available at the following link .  Alternatively, architects with questions on this matter are invited to email us at or call us on +44 (0) 20 7580 5861. Those who are unable to complete the online survey can contact ARB for a hard copy of the questions or we can make arrangements for them to complete the survey via telephone.

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