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The ARB has published its 2014 Annual Report which can be viewed at the following link:

The report includes information detailing the organisations regulatory work during 2014 as well as the audited 2014 Annual Report and Financial Statements.

The data shows some interesting information:

·         Work volumes have increased with a rise in the number of those joining the Register and an increase in demand for our services.

·         New admissions in 2014 were 1906, an increase of nearly 27% on 2013’s previous all-time-high of 1504.

·         Significantly the number of female architects represented 41% of the total, with 781 female architects joining the register as new admissions in 2014.

·         ARB is on target to implement the revised Professional Qualifications Directive by the January 2016 deadline, this directive is a key piece of EU legislation which deals with freedom of movement within Europe.  The number of EU new admissions was 824 in 2014.

·         ARB’s work to support consumers to make informed choices is paying off with searches of the Register remaining high at 341,750 searches of the Register in 2014, an average of over 930 searches per day.  Architects are consequently becoming more keen to demonstrate their status as registered professionals with more architects downloading the logo to use on their website, signage and letterhead.

·         ARB’s online services are increasing in popularity with almost 95% of applications (1805) for new admissions being made online in 2014, up 9% on the 86% of applications (1288) for new admissions which were made online in 2013.  This continues to be an area of development for ARB as it seeks to maintain high levels of customer service in the face of a substantial increase in demand for the work of the regulator.

Karen Holmes, the Registrar and Chief Executive said, ‘The 2014 Annual Report details ARB’s regulatory work throughout a busy 12 month period, we are keen to encourage the users of our services to read the report to find out more about our role and work throughout 2014.’

Beatrice Fraenkel, Chair of the ARB said, ‘2014 was a busy year for ARB with the regulator actively participating in DCLG’s periodic review into the regulation of architects whilst continuing to deliver business as usual.  This report demonstrates how ARB has effectively delivered on its objectives and I thank all those who have supported us in our work.’

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