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Communications Strategy 2019


An effective communications function can effect change and influence action to support ARB strategic aims. It can deliver directly or facilitate the achievement of organisational objectives by informing, directing and influencing stakeholders as well as evaluating activities.

As of 2019 those defined communications responsibilities include:
• Communications Lead (full time)
• Public Awareness Lead (24 month contract)
• Digital Contractor (external resource)

With a greater spotlight on the profession and the activities of ARB than ever before we need to bring a maturity to our communications approach in order to be able to respond effectively to this increased scrutiny and ensure ongoing public, professional and governmental trust in our activities.

ARB’s strategic objectives

• Improved efficiency and performance
• Stakeholders effectively informed about EU Exit
• Increased effectiveness of the Register
• Stronger relationships with our stakeholders

Communications themes

• Strategy lead activity
• Empowered delegation
• Evidence based decisions
• Structured action

Communications activities

Improved efficiency and performance
• Defined Communications roles
• Decision making, project management and activity planning tools
• An activity matrix mapped against ARB’s 2019-2021 Strategy
• Systems of oversight and delegation
• Systems for recording, analysing, benchmarking and reporting on relevant performance data
• Written procedures

Stakeholders effectively informed about EU Exit
• Established and maintained dedicated Brexit webpages
• Record of all Brexit communications
• Timely, definitive and practical communications to relevant stakeholders
• Efficient update of website and other ARB communications post Brexit

Increased effectiveness of the Register
• Improved brand knowledge of ARB and the Architects Register
• Improved brand sentiment towards ARB
• Improved public knowledge of title protection
• Improved public knowledge of standards enforcement activities

Stronger relationships with our stakeholders
• Benchmarking research project into stakeholder awareness of and attitudes towards ARB